We Slept on the Most Luxurious, High-End Sheets on the Market. Here Are the You Should Get.
We tried the best to help you rest.
Like many people, I often complain that I don’t get enough sleep. And by now, I’ve exhausted the usual aids, like melatonin and ambient nose machines, but not much has helped me improve upon my six-hours-a-night-at-most regimen.
What did I find? Sadly, even high-end sheets aren’t a silver bullet for insomnia. They can, however, entice you into crawling into bed in the first place—and, if you’re like me, that can be a bit of a struggle. (There are a million other really not-that-important things to do instead of sleeping, after all.)
If you’re ready to plunge into the world of high-end sheets we tested, keep scrolling to find our recommendations. But if you’re curious about my considerations, methods and testing, here’s everything you need to know before buying your own set of luxury bed sheets.
Thread Count:
When Does It Matter?

By definition, it seems a fairly straightforward concept: It’s the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. But there’s a lot of debate here. What’s considered a good thread count, or, better yet, a great one? Is a higher necessarily better? Truth is, it’s not an exact science. Some Luxury bedding sets aren’t that luxurious at all—will often tout their extremely high counts as a way to statistically one-up each other. Indeed, good sheets have as much to do with overall material quality as the number of yarns crammed into one scrap of cloth.
Bed Sheet Fabric :
Why Does It Matter?
Quality Bed Sheet Fabric can affect every part of your body and daily routine as well because it comes with a direct contact with body so bed sheets fabric should be comfortable and according to the climate. Bed Sheets are very important aspect of a home decoration also gives home an appealing and impressive look. There are several enlightening facts about a bed sheet fabric everyone should need to know before buying the right bed sheet for you. As we spend most of our time on beds and research says when you don’t sleep well at night it throws everything off, so choosing the quality fabric which guarantee durability also enhance the comfort level at nighttime. This guide will help you understand choosing the right fabric for specific season.

Best Overall Sheet

Cotton Bed Sheets
Satin Bed Sheets
Silk Bed Sheets
Velvet Bed Sheets

Cotton Bed Sheets
Cotton is a most common fabric for bed sheets and ideal in summer. There are various types of Cotton Bed Sheets currently available in the market but Egyptian cotton considered the best one for making bed sheets. Cotton is a most light weight fabric around for making bed sheets which absorb heat and air pass through it, so it remains cool and comfortable in extreme hot climate, which is an amazing choice for summer season.

Satin Bed Sheets
Satin is a silky and smooth fabric and breathe very light and cool and suitable for winter and summer for both season. An only downside of satin bed sheets is its slippery and scratchy surface, which is really annoying sometimes. An ultimate relief for satin bed sheet lovers is some satin bed sheets comes with inner layer of fabric to make a stronger grip on mattress so it don’t slip from bed mattress.
Silk Bed Sheets
Like satin fabric silk fabric is also silky and smooth fabric but silk fabric is more luxury and pricey than the satin fabric. Satin is a man-made weaved fabric and a mixer of silk, nylon and polyester while Silk comes with the cocoon of silk worms and known as the finest fabric for making luxury bed sheets.
Velvet Bed Sheet
Velvet is a woven tufted fabric and can be made from either natural or synthetic fibers. Velvet bed sheets are super smooth and comfortable and tend to give warm and cozy feeling in winters.
How I Reviewed Each Set
After pulling together a wide range of different materials and thread counts, I washed all of the sheets according to the instructions on their care labels. I then slept on each set for at least three nights—often longer if I really liked them and found that they helped with my long-standing sleep problem. Here’s how they stacked up.

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