2 Pieces Of Plain Velvet Purple Curtain With 2 Belts

Curtains are the important part of a room.Curtains are the final flourish of the room and we cann’t neglect this reality. One of our favourite fabrics for curtains is velvet, it transcends trends and styles beautifully. Velvet come in an array of colours, designs and finishes, making it a great fabric choice for every home and every window.Velvets in softer shades are always alluring, but it looks particularly amazing when you opt for richer colours, and this style statement is very on trend.

2 Pc's Luxury Motive Embroidered Velvet Greek Border Curtains Zinc/White

The unexpected

As velvet is a great choice for curtains,as velvet curtains don’t have to be restricted to the living room or bedroom.I decided to give a new look to my room with velvet curtains as it is particularly hardwearing due to it being stain resistant, so it can certainly take the knocks of everyday life .Top of the list is an earthy green would look great in any room as it would offer a soothing note. Dark, moody blues are all the rage too; check out Navy. And coming up the ranks are yellows and golds; full of warmth and energy. Grey would be fun if you want to go bright. A Zinc would also look beautiful in the right space. Remember to line your curtains though, as sunlight can easily fade vivid hues quickly.

How I Review Velvet Curtain:

I select the Zinc curtains with Laser Work.I review this product after estabilishing them in my room.It gives a luxurious look to my room.They merge into the overall room creating a feeling of being hardly there but also adding a gentle softness that’s at first is hard to define but just makes the room feel more inviting.

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